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Horizon is a long standing member of the Nordrassil raiding circuit. Having been formed during TBC we maintained a respected, current content progression in both 10 and 25 man. With the arrival of cataclysm we moved to raiding 10 man content utilising the the strengths of our core 10 man team. Although we maintain a casual attitude we are focused and dedicated raidwise but still know when to have a laugh.

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Ascendant Council Down!

TheEfalas, Mar 3, 11 7:06 PM.
Another night of progression and Ascendant Council is down. Just Cho'gall left now!

Gratz to the raid team:

Jovain (Val), Psomas
Bulldozer, Pyrlig
Edmunds, Skuld, Sleazy
Anarionn, Tricksty, Garack

Atramedes killed

Favernadudu, Feb 17, 11 5:40 PM.
So after getting some progress going again, we got Atramedes down!
The awesome raid team:
Pyrlig, Ripthrowt, Mandoriel
Tálek (Bulldozer), Anarionn, Garack
Sleazy, Skuld, Valri, Barot

Blackwing Descent Progression

Favernadudu, Feb 16, 11 5:24 PM.
Since Horizon has been on the low side of announcing our progression we decided to work on that one night. We got some pictures together of the first 3 bosses in Blackwing Descent!

Tonight we had the following team:
Garack, Anarionn, Tricksty
Skuld, Sleazy, Valri, Ripthrowt, Bulldozer
Barot, Mandoriel

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